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wanted to say that this game has impeccable comedic timing, luv u xX_Yaoitron_Xx

It looks really cute, but the text box and text is white in the browser version, , making it unreadable, and I only have a phone, so I can't download it on another device to check out the text box on that version of the game. Please help.

Eek sorry!!!! i dont really wanna make any changes to the game jam version for the sake of preservation;;...but for the final version the mobile will be fixed

in reterospect it does feel a little silly not to fix something so arbritrary so i just fixed it up jus now since i have energy to spare^_^!hope it works without issue!!!

Same T^T

*cries in female*

Jerma nine eight five

i can't stop fucking laughing thank you so much

best game

ofc an ENSTARRI E MADE THUISI i lvoe this game :33333333 >_< >~<



This game has changed my life. I will forever be unfulfilled by anything else. Thank you for contributing to our world with this nobel prize worthy invention. XOXO

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i cant play le video game. nothing on the start menu does anything and it says script error at the top of le screen. atleast there is some enjoyable music here, playing on browser btw

ohhh thats really odd :? what kind of OS/computer are you on? i use windows so im only really sure how it works on anything besides that...maybe try a different browser from the one you're using and see if that makes any difference?

i was playing on microsoft edge at the time,.  not entirely sure what type of computer i'm using (school laptop) but it says hp at the bottom. i'll try some other browser later. 

hope this helped

Oh man, alright, I opened the game on Edge only to get the same error as you described. Looking into it, it seems that some new-ish update on Chromium (The software that Edge and Chrome relies on) has made pretty much any Renpy browser games defunct on that specific browser. I can say with certainty that at the very least Firefox runs the game without any issue, so that's likely your best bet. Sorry for the inconvience ^^;;;

oh that explains it, i've had similar issues with other renpy games. thank you !!!!!!!!

hws sp cuyte


this is the most amazing game i have ever played

this is wonderful LMAO


I don't even know what the hell I just played. It felt like I was both losing braincells and having my shit rocked. It's great in a way that feels like a fever dream at 4am laying on bed and wondering if colors are supposed to have legs-- But seriously, the art was good despite it looking "cringey", it's great. And the random additions of fuckery??? Jesus christ I wanted to die laughing. Not only that but the gore? I did not expect that, like, Ending 7?? You went HARD in it. Great job, now allow me to gather what remaining braincells I have left.

this is 4real so actually cool holy cannoli bro

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"Ending 4" 

i have not a regret in my decision of playing this game

i will get all the endings

i will reply to this with art probably

and man

i sure as hell will get my eyes checked after this


I plaed pattycake with nagito :D